Bigs Simply Not Prepared for Spread of Coronavirus

We depend on China’s shutdown heartland for the vast majority of our pharma and basic medical supplies. This potential of spread overwhelming Bigs who simply are not prepared for this double whammy. Hope I got that wrong. This is a classic clog in the narrow neck of the healthcare hourglass.


US hospitals prepare for coronavirus outbreak to become global pandemic A COVID-19 outbreak across the U.S. could overwhelm emergency rooms and cause shortages of face masks and other crucial medical supplies. “At some point, we are likely to see community spread in the U.S. or in other countries,” she warned. U.S. hospitals from San Diego to New York are taking heed.

The threat of the new virus comes at an already busy time for most U.S. hospitals. Another serious respiratory illness, the seasonal flu, is at its peak in the United States, with more than 26 million cases and many hospitals stretched thin. A larger spread of the new virus across the U.S. could overwhelm emergency rooms and quickly cause supply shortages of some crucial medical supplies, according to half a dozen interviews with doctors, U.S. hospitals and health systems.