A Healthcare App with 90% Engagement?

Wellsmith is an elegant frictionless Uber-like healthcare app w 90% engagement.

Consumers are actively demanding better access and more information so they can make informed decisions. High costs and general inconvenience are creating this revolution. They want healthcare to work like Netflix and Amazon, where personalized algorithms help guide them through their course of treatment and wellness regimen. They demand immediate, easy, and convenient access to caregivers. And they want content that is useful and relevant. It is only after they understand the benefits and risks, and have read provider reviews, that they seek the care they decide is most suitable for them.

Another Grand Fix for American Healthcare

This #Forbes article is actually pretty funny. Supposed to announce yet Another Grand Fix for the hot mess called #AmericanHealthcare.

You decide :

Plan A)Retrofit ”complex administrative operation of multiple networks and payers as well as the lack of standardization in information technology.”

Plan B) invent a model eliminating #administrativebloat and artificial #EHRmandates  and join the #DirectPrimaryCare -a #movement where everyone wins  #Doctors #Employees #Employers


According to JAMA, there is an estimated $1T of waste in the US healthcare system, making it the world’s most expensive health system per capita. One of the main sources of waste is the complex administrative operation of multiple #networks and #payers as well as the lack of standardization in #informationtechnology. Another major bucket is the unwarranted variation in #healthcare delivery, driven mostly by low-value care and over-treatment.


My Conversation with an Orthopedic Surgeon

I had to ask the #orthopedicsurgeon twice last night at dinner.

“Ron, I make $2,000 per surgery. That’s it.”

I asked where does the other $106,000 go? He truly did not know but agreed in his career spinal surgeons once made healthy seven figures. He’s at half that now. What happened?

How do I get a better-paying client? He asked.

Via direct contracting with the likes of #SanoSurgery who connects him to employers who are self-insured. I used to think everyone in healthcare was getting hammered except docs like him. I live in a future where everybody wins. #Doctor #Employer #Customer / #Employee.