Buried Treasure

What’s the diff? An ancient buried treasure worth millions or unlocking EBITDA millions buried in healthcare spending. This calculation is happening soon daily:
The average corporate spend:
$5000/employee is recovered using

Direct contracting with

  • Hospitals, surgeons, independent imaging, wholesale pharmacy and specialists like mental health and physical medicine like PT/ chiropractic
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Virtual Primary Care
  • On-site clinics
  • Reference-based pricing
  • Navigators to Centers of Excellence

But unlike sunken ships packed with doubloons, these millions are one great benefit advisor away from reality. Here’s the best secret I’ve learned living in this solution two years as an employer: Company Culture STARTS with my people feeling safe. Maslow was right. Feeling safe is widening the messaging highway so this can get through.

  • Vivid vision
  • Mission
  • Values

Here are my goosebumps :

  • Requires no marches, banners, pitchforks nor stump speeches, no lobby no pitches, torches, endless meetings, backroom deals.
  • This move makes heroes of true leaders.
  • This raises life quality for 80% ✔️hope for a nice neighborhood.✔️six-figure mortgages✔️retirement spigots ✔️credit repair/ repaid

I live in a future where everyone wins. Do you?

Direct Primary Care Act as an Ultimate Stimulus Plan?

How does #DirectPrimaryCare act as an ultimate stimulus package?

If you’re an employee picking up $8000 found money, formerly going to premiums that look like

  • $138,000 mortgage or
  • Eliminate Debt ( $8500 is ave cc debt ) or
  • $920,000 in a 401k (30 years)or
  • A great family vacation yearly

If you’re an employer saving $4.5m per 1000 employees

If Margins Are

10% = $45m in equivalent sales

5% =.  $90m “.     “

#Walmart has 1.6% margin so the $1b saved on #healthcare last year is like $96b in-newfound sales.

Ultimate Eco 101

DPC is the frictionless stimulus package with no

  • Coopted Pols
  • Regulators
  • Lobbyists
  • Pitchforks nor torches
  • Marches nor banners

In fact any flavor or combo of #directcontracting with #surgeons #imaging #meds #medicaltourism #VirtualPrimaryCare #onsiteclinics are all #buriedtreasure.