PBMs on Their Heels in Courts

Ohio pours gasoline on the US Supreme Court's PBM fire

PBMs on their heels in courts including the SupremeCourt.
The age of the Middles is soon over – Bezos


The brief features Ohio prominently, including references to former state Auditor Dave Yost’s blockbuster PBM audit that revealed more than $220 million in PBM spread from the Medicaid managed care program, the Columbus Dispatch feature that exposed Medicaid data showing CVS Caremark reimbursing its own pharmacies far more than their competitors, and another feature from the Dispatch that showcased a study done by Ohio’s Eric Pachman and Antonio Ciaccia that revealed how PBMs selectively overpaid for certain specialty drugs that PBMs tended to steer toward their PBM-owned pharmacies.