New Healthcare Is Restorative

Medicine: A profession of sacred trust

New Healthcare is restoring two sacred trusts that the Bigs have almost destroyed.

  • The doc/patient exam
  • The employer/ employee pact

The Golden Triangle of doctor, patient /employee and employer is our pivot point to best holistic answers repairing sacred trusts.

New wave benefits restore the pact that working for a company – “ good insurance “ saves from financial and health ruin. Nest vs the Wild.
We employers find healthcare buried treasure

  • Reduced spends of 20-25% easy 40-60% tougher.
  • Friction is eliminated
    1. zero deductibles/ copays
    2. texting or calling or seeing a PCP 24/7.

    So once I found 18 more days per employee of reduced absenteeism I broke even

  • Retention savings
    • I had no downtime
    • training
    • recruiting
  • Presenteeism is down. Med/doc access is easy now

…trust is established, a conversation occurs as if two friends are talking since the initial wall between doc and patient is broken down, and more intimate things are shared—in that intimacy that the sacred trust manifests, and unfiltered conversation happens, even if just for a little while.

Medicine: A profession of sacred trust