Good News about COVID-19?

Pam Demic

Big and good news C-19 is now 6 strains with separate clusters of symptoms and appears to be weakening. #virus mutates rapidly so as to not kill the host. Their survival genius. That’s why we don’t have vaccines for SARS. Avian Flu. Mad Cow. Ebola. Previous coronavirus. Strains weaken by the 5-7 year time the vaccine is developed. The opposite seems to occur with #hospitals bugs as we get closer and closer to a much bigger problem than a #pandemic –#drugs resistant #bacterial infections and fungi which are treated unevenly with bleach. Better with xenon ray robots Xenex Disinfection Services, special air filters built into lighting VidaShield UV24 and more.
Different microbes accelerate and strengthen. Viruses weaken. Different rules.


COVID-19 cases may be on the rise in at least 20 states, but some doctors suspect the severity of the disease may be decreasing a bit.

Doctors at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine say people with COVID-19 don’t seem to be getting as sick, and those who recently tested show a lower viral amount than what was being detected in people earlier in the pandemic.

According to the doctors at UPMC, the number of COVID-19 patients needing ventilators has also decreased.

A similar trend was recently observed in #italy