Excerpt: Healthcare is Fixed 2

From the Preface of Healthcare is fixed.

Healthcare in America 

◾️60% of Americans have one or more chronic condition..  2/3 of those have multiple conditions. The same % are on meds and most , many meds. 

◾️Deductibles tripled in the past 12 years. Wages barely paced inflation. 

◾️Half (52%)of all employees  lack liquidity to meet deductibles now averaging $1350 in 2019. But eHealthInsurance reports the average annual deductible for individual plans was $4,358 and the averagedeductible for family plans was $7,983. Now we are well over half who can’t afford their plan. 

That’s called a tipping point. An inflection point above half. 

◾️Here are the median amounts saved by age in America:

  • Under 35: $2,600
  • 35-44: $3,800
  • 45-54: $4,100
  • 55-64: $5,400

◾️48% make under $15/ hour 75% under $20/ hr. 

◾️Medical bankruptcy are 65% vs 35%for all  the other reasons:for personal bankruptcy.All.  True now for a decade. 

◾️78% had health insurance. 

◾️Cancer patients are twice as likely as any other patients to declare bankruptcy. 

◾️1 in 6 Americans are hounded daily by medical collection agencies.Texts,emails,calls. Calls to adult children. Parents. All legal. Collections is a multi billion dollar industry fed disproportionately by medical bills. Hospitals now own some of these agencies. 

◾️1 of every 3 Go Fund Me accounts  are for medical bills. Over $650million raised last 12 months. 

◾️78% of Americans wage increases have been eaten up by healthcare insurance increases for 

decades now. 

◾️Only  6-16% are adherent to their prescriptions. Price is a big factor. 

Millions have to decide daily between groceries vs meds. 

This is not America the beautiful. The American Dream?It’s crumbling thanks to Big Healthcare overplaying it’s hand with rigged dice,a fixed game board and one sided rulebook.Their lavish party can’t last with a preservationist lobby that outspends Wall St.,Silicon Valley, Big Defense and Big Oil   —combined —for two decades now. Combined. Yeah. All in about $20billion over 20 years including

 dark money unreported to the FEC.  

The Bigs are burning critical bridges:

◾️Patients/employees. ( 63% are registered. Notably 47% turned out a record vote in 2018)

◾️Most Docs. (About 37% turn out to vote )

◾️Employers. (80% of earners over $100,000 voted)