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July 24, 2020
1st Call Virtual Symposium

Ron speaks with Emily and Casey on the 1st Call Virtual Syposium about the Golden Triangle: the employer, the physician/provider, and the patient (or consumer).

May 13, 2020
You’re Doing Everything Wrong Podcast

On this podcast on Mark Henderson Leary’s “You’re Doing Everything Wrong”, Ron goes over healthcare’s many problems and how its weak points are exposed and magnified because of the current COVID19 crisis.

April 16, 2020
Entrepreneur Organization of Houston

EO Talks Houston
This private event, modeled from the TED Talks format, will feature members of EO Houston, on stage, and presenting their entrepreneurial journey to over 300 of Houston’s thought leaders, change makers, and influencers. EO hopes to inspire the local business community and raise awareness of EO Houston!
Healthcare is Fixed – An Epic Crime Scene Solved 

Rice University – Shell Auditorium
Janice and Robert McNair Hall
Loop Rd
Houston, TX

March 18, 2020
Houston Physicians – Control Your Future

Free Event
675 Bering Drive, Suite #200
Houston, TX 77057

February 19, 2020
Gulf Coast Practice Managers Association
Topic: Healthcare is Fixed - Here’s How
Ron will discuss how blogging led to a podcast, Primary Care Cures, which evolved into two books. He used the show to interview national thought leaders who have solved the crime scene that is America’s healthcare. The villains and heroes are not at all who you think.
The Briar Club
2603 Timmons Lane
Houston, TX 77027
February 7, 2020
Podcast Guest on Get Published Podcast

In episode 484 of the Get Published Podcast, Host and 15-Time Bestselling Author Paul G. Brodie interviews Ron Barshop about his author journey and how to use your book to get speaking opportunities at conferences.

January 22, 2020
Real Estate Council of San Antonio

Lessons from Our Father

at Pearl Stables
San Antonio
January 20, 2020
Innovation MD Global Summit
Topic: A Healthcare Future Where Everyone Wins

InnovatorMD Global Summit 2020 [IGS2020] will host the world’s brightest minds and leading-edge physician innovators for one purpose…to present new ways to make the world healthier!

Smith Cardiovascular Research
San Francisco, CA

October 11, 2019
Podcast Guest on Spend Less on Healthcare – With Dr. Josh Luke
Topic: Price transparency is the first step to solving America’s healthcare hyper-inflation crisis.

Listen to E24: Podcast host and healthcare affordability advocate Ron Barshop, founder of Beacon Clinics steps into Dr. Luke’s Waiting Room: The Healthcare Authority Podcast from Spend Less on Healthcare – With Dr. Josh Luke on Apple Podcasts.

February 25, 2019
Podcast Guest on Outcomes Rocket – Optimizing Your Primary Care Practice

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