Guest Speaker with Chris Hotze

Guest Speaker on Health Solutions Podcast

Are you or a loved one relying on Medicare to pay for your healthcare? This is a forewarning! Your coverage may be gone in 4 years due to big pharma, government, and health insurance corruption! Watch as Ron discusses how to fix America’s broken healthcare system. The answer is NOT Medicare for all!

Fridays with Faisel, Ep 14

Ron participates in an engaging and thorough discussion about the Role of Primary Care in COVID-19 on Dr. Faisel Syed’s show ‘Friday’s with Faisel’. Other guests include Dr. dan McCarter and ChenMed’s Dr. LaToya Fulton.

You’re Doing Everything Wrong Podcast

On this podcast on Mark Henderson Leary’s “You’re Doing Everything Wrong”, Ron goes over healthcare’s many problems and how its weak points are exposed and magnified because of the current COVID19 crisis.

Podcast Guest on Get Published Podcast

In episode 484 of the Get Published Podcast, Host and 15-Time Bestselling Author Paul G. Brodie interviews Ron Barshop about his author journey and how to use your book to get speaking opportunities at conferences.

Innovation MD Global Summit

InnovatorMD Global Summit 2020 [IGS2020] will host the world’s brightest minds and leading-edge physician innovators for one purpose…to present new ways to make the world healthier!

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