Direct Primary Care Act as an Ultimate Stimulus Plan?

How does #DirectPrimaryCare act as an ultimate stimulus package?

If you’re an employee picking up $8000 found money, formerly going to premiums that look like

  • $138,000 mortgage or
  • Eliminate Debt ( $8500 is ave cc debt ) or
  • $920,000 in a 401k (30 years)or
  • A great family vacation yearly

If you’re an employer saving $4.5m per 1000 employees

If Margins Are

10% = $45m in equivalent sales

5% =.  $90m “.     “

#Walmart has 1.6% margin so the $1b saved on #healthcare last year is like $96b in-newfound sales.

Ultimate Eco 101

DPC is the frictionless stimulus package with no

  • Coopted Pols
  • Regulators
  • Lobbyists
  • Pitchforks nor torches
  • Marches nor banners

In fact any flavor or combo of #directcontracting with #surgeons #imaging #meds #medicaltourism #VirtualPrimaryCare #onsiteclinics are all #buriedtreasure.