Daddy Was Wrong

We grew up from “A Because Daddy Said So” mentality. Daddy was wrong. The day our healthcare outcomes placed us between Croatia and Cuba. Two combined GDPs equal to ?

SanAntonio the poorest of top 20 metros with 25% in poverty , my hometown.

We spend almost double per capita hashtagSwitzerland the second biggest spender and half as much @ 7% of our peer countries on hashtagprimarycare
Dimon says this outcome to spend ratio is embarrassing
Buffet calls healthcare a tapeworm on our economy.
Bezos says this is the era of disappearing middles
Military leaders say the state of our healthcare is a national security threat. Up there with Iran. North Korea. Terrorism. American Healthcare.

The day the music died is when this all came together for us.

I live in a future for two years now where everyone wins.

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  • Employees
  • Docs
  • Population Health
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