Ron Barshop has written two books about healthcare, with two more in process.

Healthcare is Fixed

Healthcare is Fixed by Ron Barshop

Have you ever had a secret you’re bursting at the seams to tell the whole world? This book series offer my best secrets. Genius entrepreneurs and physicians solving the biggest messes in American healthcare. I feature many on my podcast Primary Care Cures.

  • What and who fixed a bad primary care model 10 years ago.
  • Burnout simply does not exist at this medical gathering.
  • There are only two ways to fight the corporatization of primary care and why it’s essential to have independents.
  • The primary care physician shortage is nonexistent. Why we’ve heard this before and how we solved it.
  • Meet significant new physician groups with 100% Telehealth adoption.
  • How employees with unaffordable deductibles and copays are opting out and getting better care.
  • How one major employer halved his workers comp by halving his healthcare premiums.
  • And another cut healthcare costs by 75% since 1991.

Healthcare is Fixed 2

Healthcare is Fixed II by Ron Barshop

Listen to an excerpt from Healthcare is Fixed II.