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◾️When Big Healthcare Crosses the Line: How Entreprenuers Respond
◾️FedEx took on the USPost Office and Won. Meet the Troublemakers Doing the Same in Healthcare.
◾️Employers and Patients Pivot Away from Traditional HealthCare: The Smart Moves Today
◾️Burnout is Fixed. Doc Shortages, Factory Medicine and Corporatization, Too. Here’s How.
◾️Primary Care is a Broken Model. Who and What’s Replacing It.
◾️The New Subscription Economy: How Employees and Employers Are Leaving the Nest
◾️The Dark, Seamy, Untold Side of Healthcare: Collectors, Cons, and Criminals.
◾️The Green Zone: How Two Shave 50% Off the Cost of Healthcare. The Employer. The Major PCP.
◾️Meet three Independent PCPs Making Seven Figure Take home.
◾️Who’s Your Daddy Now? How to Stick It to the Bigs.


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