Another Grand Fix for American Healthcare

This #Forbes article is actually pretty funny. Supposed to announce yet Another Grand Fix for the hot mess called #AmericanHealthcare.

You decide :

Plan A)Retrofit ”complex administrative operation of multiple networks and payers as well as the lack of standardization in information technology.”

Plan B) invent a model eliminating #administrativebloat and artificial #EHRmandates  and join the #DirectPrimaryCare -a #movement where everyone wins  #Doctors #Employees #Employers


According to JAMA, there is an estimated $1T of waste in the US healthcare system, making it the world’s most expensive health system per capita. One of the main sources of waste is the complex administrative operation of multiple #networks and #payers as well as the lack of standardization in #informationtechnology. Another major bucket is the unwarranted variation in #healthcare delivery, driven mostly by low-value care and over-treatment.