Amazon Piloting Primary Care for Employees

Amazon pilots primary care clinics for employees

Adopting direct primary care now is Amazon in 5 pilot stores onsite its distribution centers. Hundreds are planned. Has direct contracting got your attention yet?


Interestingly, Amazon is calling the clinics Neighborhood Health Centers. It plans to start with five locations: Dallas, Phoenix, Louisville, Detroit and California’s San Bernardino Valley. Crossover Health already has one site open in Las Colinas, Texas, according to its website.

“Across the U.S., an increasing number of patients do not have easy access to a primary care physician and instead utilize emergency or urgent care options, which is not only more expensive for patients, but also overlooks important preventative care opportunities,” Amazon Vice President of Human Resources Darcie Henry said in a news release.

The clinics will provide primary care and behavioral health services, physical therapy, pediatric services and health coaching. If the pilot is successful, Amazon said it would expand it to more cities.